Included on this page are some of the tools I use when I
create my games. There are also some pages that I like.

My Other Projects

Sudoku I made this J2ME midlet so I could do Sudoku on the way to work in the mornings. screenshot

Stock Play the stock market with this J2ME MIDlet! Get quotes, lookup symbols, and then save the ones you want to your portfolio for later use! screenshot
Connect Four A J2ME MIDlet. If you score four in a row, you win! screenshot
Tetris as a Java Applet My first tiny step into Java. MergeSort A simple Swing applet animating mergesort. Warhammer 40k Stop Motion A stop motion film I made
using painted miniatures.
Space Hulk Another stop motion film I completed in December 2007, using painted miniatures. This one has sound effects! A 25 page, full color Tintin fan comic I
drew in 2005.

iPhone Development Resources

iPhone Dev Center Download the iPhone SDK, read the documentation, and get started!

Adobe Flash Resources

Creative Suite 3 I use Adobe Flash CS3 to make my Flash games. The developer forums I go to for Actionscript 3 questions!

Game Maker Resources

Game Maker I used version 6.1 to make my earlier games.
Game Maker Community Forum The forum I go to for
asking technical questions regarding GameMaker.

Music and Sound A cool site with some nice graphics and sound.
Partners in Rhyme Free sound loops, effects, and more!


Gimp Freely distributed software for photo retouching,
image composition, and image authoring.

Game Sites

Cryhavocfan A great site for the wargames made by        
Standard Games and Publications Ltd.
Bards Tale Petition Want to see a Bards Tale IV? Sign the
petition here.
BardsTaleOnline & BardsTalk Two great Bards Tale
resource and fan sites.
Mad Monkey An independent game network. Feed the
developer, feed the monkey.
Runtime Entertainment  High Quality Freeware games.
Look for the Cry Havoc review there!